Regulatory Oversight

Ensuring the highest level of security to customers funds

WorldWideMarkets Ltd, open to traders residing outside the United Kingdom, offers the quickest onboarding, a broader range of funding options and more frequent promotions. WorldWideMarkets, Ltd. is licensed with and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (“BVI FSC”); License No. SIBA/L/11/0960, and governed by the regulatory regime enhanced by the Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010 (SIBA). FSC firms are subject to strict regulatory scrutiny, including annual independent financial audits, annual risk assessments and compliance reporting and punitive sanctions for firms that fail to fully comply with FSC requirements. The regulations of the BVI FSC require that customer assets are identified, accounted for, and appropriately segregated.

WorldWideMarkets is licensed with the FSC under

Category 1 – Dealing in Investments
Sub-category A – Dealing as an Agent and
Sub-Category B – Dealing as a Principal.
WorldWideMarkets is one of only four companies to have a license for dealing in investments. This is the highest and most regulated license available in the FSC regulatory framework.