Trade Execution Method

Risk Management for trades of all sizes

Our risk management system enables retail trades of all sizes to be handled automatically, and without the intervention of a dealing desk.

WorldWideMarkets does not consider individual trades or accounts but instead analyzes the aggregated risk associated with total customer open positions, both long and short, and across all currency pairs.

The automation of our risk management allows all trades and all lot sizes to be handled by the risk management engine continuously for an ongoing efficient monitoring system. The process allows for all trades to be handled the same regardless of the contract size since risk is aggregated and may be hedged accordingly in real time with any counterparty in the marketplace.

For example, if the aggregated EUR/USD long position in $90MM and the short position is $80MM at a particular time, the net position is long $10MM which is then offset against the net position of other currency pairs based on price midpoints. The net aggregate position across all currency pairs is then offset in the market.

WorldWideMarkets earns money through a portion of the bid / ask spread.