What are CFDs?

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are tradable instruments or that mirror the movement of the underlying asset, allowing traders to potentially profit on market moves without actually owning the asset. CFDs are cash-settled based on the difference in the value of the underlying asset from the time a trade is opened to the time the position is closed. WorldWideMarkets offers CFDs in both Cash and Continuous Futures products.

It’s important to remember that in CFDs you’re trading contracts with WorldWideMarkets. You are not taking positions in the underlying market. This means the underlying asset is never owned.

How it works

WorldWideMarkets sets a buy and sell set a price for each contract based on the underlying market. You can trade ‘long’, for the CFD to go up in price, or ‘short’, for the CFD  price to go down.



WorldWideMarkets is proud to offer retail and institutional clients a wide variety of CFDs. We are trusted as one of the world’s leading CFD providers with over 20+ years of CFD trading experience.

Trade global equity indices and commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and other popular interest rate securities. Our clients benefit from our premium-level trading platforms, knowledgeable customer services, professional charting packages and more. WorldWideMarkets has established regulatory hubs in both Europe and the Americas. WWM is regulated by the FCA and segregate client funds to ensure the highest level of service.



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