Our Introducing Broker (IB) program rewards individuals and businesses who introduce customers to WorldWideMarkets using their own marketing efforts. It is our most straightforward type of partnership and joining is quick and easy.

Benefits for Introducing brokers (IB)

Superior Marketing Support

Lead Generation, Co-Branded booths at trade shows, lead distribution to Sub IB’s and more. Are you tired of having your broker marketing against you? WorldWideMarkets works with its IB network to aggregate clients. WorldWideMarkets does not advertise against its partners on search engines or in any other marketing venue. Every account that is opened at WorldWideMarkets is positioned with an IB.

Attractive compensation plan

WorldWideMarkets offers the highest payouts in the industry. Our superior risk management technology, developed by Ivy League trained PhD’s in Astrophysics (yes, we actually have rocket scientists!), allows us to optimize client order flow and extract the maximum value from every order. This allows us to offer IB’s the highest payouts in the industry.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Track your earnings and revenue in real time. Our proprietary CRM portal, IB Explorer, is the industry gold standard. It allows you to view in real time all the relevant metrics (up to date earnings/client, your cumulative revenue stream, customizable workspace(s) with selectable criteria, 16 different statements, full compatibility with AlphaTrader features, and much, much more) so that you can operate your business at peak efficiency.

Fast on-boarding & Setup

The most efficient customer on-boarding process in the industry (and, yes we have checked!). New customers can sign up and begin trading a live WorldWideMarkets account in minutes. You invest time and effort to drive potential customers to your site and benefit from lower customer drop-off in the conversion process.

Benefits for your customers

Exceptional Liquidity & Execution

WorldWideMarkets is a liquidity aggregator that adopts a scientific approach to markets. Our PhD’s are constantly working on ways to minimize latencies thus maximizing the technological efficiency of our offering. This rigorous approach to constantly improve our product is reflected in the superior execution and better fills that will be an asset to your customers’ trading experience.

Ease of Access to Global markets

Your customers can access the Forex, Equity Index, and Commodity markets all from one account.

State of the Art trading platforms

Your customers can trade using either our award winning trading platform – AlphaTrader or the world’s most popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

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